Jacksonville man injured after deer collides with motorcycle

Photo from Pratt Tribune // Sabrina and Tim

PRATT COUNTY, Kan. – A Jacksonville man suffered multiple injuries after a deer collided with his motorcycle last month. 

Tim Roush, 56, of Jacksonville, was in Kansas April 28 when a deer jumped out from the side of the road and hit the front wheel on the left side, Pratt Tribune reports. Roush was allegedly going around 30 mph on his Honda Africa Twin motorcycle at the time of the crash. 

He was traveling through Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas; then heading home to Jacksonville.

A GoFundMe account set up for Roush said he underwent surgery after MRI results revealed he had three crushed vertebrae in his neck. 

He also has a broken leg, broken ribs and has pain in his arms and issues lifting them. 

Roush was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. 

Roush and his wife are still in Kansas, with Tim in the ICU, but are trying to get back home to Jacksonville. Friends of the family reached out to News4Jax about the accident. 

"The problem that is against them is that the insurance company is only going to pay for Tim to be transported to the nearest facility in Lincoln, NB and will not cover for Tim to come home to Jacksonville to our Spinal Rehab Facility where Tim and Sabrina would be surrounded by family and friends who could help support them." 

The condition of the deer in unknown at the time. 

Click here to visit Tim's GoFundMe account. 


To all my long distance riding friends. Please get medical transport coverage in addition to your normal health insurance. Don’t go thru the nightmare that I am experiencing now.

Posted by Tim Roush on Sunday, May 5, 2019

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