Paraglider dangling 80 feet in air rescued from tree

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A source tells News4Jax a man stuck in a tree, 80 feet in the air, was paragliding in a park on the Southside. It happened in the Greenland neighborhood Sunday evening. 

A witness, Travic Akers, said they saw a man flying around before he became trapped in the trees. 

'We saw him flying pretty low, but we didn't hear any hestitation in the engine,' Akers. It didn't sound like it stalled. I think he might have jost lost control. 

"I was kind of shocked as to why he was parasailing in this weather, especially with a storm just came by and everything," said Shikhar Jhalani, who lives close to the scene. 

The scene quickly becoming a spectacle for people who live in the area.

"I would’ve never expect to see someone parasailing at a park, especially with all these trees," said Jhalani. 

Firefighters at the scene told News4Jax, the paraglider misjudged the wind. The man, whose name has not been released, was not hurt. 

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