Sheriff challenges drug dealers to rat out their competitors

'We are here to help you eliminate your competition'


An Indiana sheriff has come up with a brilliant idea to crack down on his community’s drug problem: get drug dealers to rat each other out.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Office posted a flyer on its Facebook page last week calling for drug dealers to fill out the form and submit it if they’re looking for an edge on their competition.

“Attention drug dealers! Too much competition bringing you down? Are you not making the profits you once did? We are here to help you eliminate your competition,” Sheriff Kenny Freeman’s post said.

Dealers looking to have authorities put their “financial worries” to rest can simply provide information including their competitors’ names, addresses, license plates, and drugs sold, among other details.

It’s unclear how well the campaign is working, but based on the response to the Facebook post, it could be wildly successful. The post has already been shared 1,500-plus times.

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