Community plans support for Parker High School after shooting

Monday will feature a 'Parker Pride" event

Terry Parker High School
Terry Parker High School

Students, faculty, and community members are planning to show their "Parker Pride" Monday after a 16-year-old was shot outside the stadium during a spring football game Friday night.

The player wasn't a student at Terry Parker High School, but students want to make sure this doesn't change the perception of their school. 

The Pollackov family will wear their black and red big and proud.

“I think people are going to go all out with Parker pride, at least I'm hoping people do,” said Chloe Pollackov, a student.

Wearing their Terry Parker shirts really will mean something to the two since it's their first year ever in public school.

“It means that I have a lot of responsibility to act the right way,” said Luke Pollackov, a student.

They have spirit even after a 16-year-old Raines High School student was shot outside the Braves' football stadium Friday night.

It's still unclear why the teen was there during a spring football game between the Braves and the Ribault Trojans.

But now the Terry Parker family is calling on everyone to support the school and not let the shooting overshadow all of the positive it's done over the years.
“People see this they think that Terry Parker is a terrible school, but its not," said Bill Pollackov, an athletics booster treasurer. "It's an international baccalaurate school with amazing academics with teachers that are dedicated 24/7." 

Though the Pollackovs said they were shaken during the chaos on Friday, they said this pushes them to move forward and not let this incident define the school.

“I just hope that like what happened on Friday and things that have happened in the past don't affect the students being proud to go to Terry Parker and being proud to be a part of Brave Nation,” Chloe Pollackov said.

The students and faculty said the school has received an outpouring of support from other high schools across the city and from people in the community.