Jacksonville Zoo welcomes second baby giraffe in 5 days

The newest giraffe was born just 4 days after its half-brother

Photo via Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens
Photo via Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Just four days after a giraffe calf was born, staff at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens were thrilled to welcome its half-brother to their family.

The newest calf, which does not yet have a name, was born shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday to Luna. It’s the second son sired by Duke, the zoo’s longtime patriarchal giraffe, since he died in December.

The 5-foot-9 giraffe, which weighs 119 pounds, is a little on the small side compared to its half-brother, which came into the world measuring six feet and four inches tall and weighing 187 pounds.

“These two newborn boys will be the last of Duke’s offspring, and the last giraffe births at the zoo until a new bull giraffe can join the herd,” a zoo spokesperson said Monday in a news release.

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In addition to the giraffe, the zoo also recently welcomed several new babies, including a yellow-backed duiker, an ibis hatchling, and a Magellanic penguin chick, among others.

And the baby boom doesn’t appear to be over just yet. The zoo expects some baby jaguars soon after the recent arrival of two jaguars, which are recommended for breeding.

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