Best movie theater ever? This cinema wants you to bring your dog along

Bonus: Ticket gets you free wine, liquor

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If you love snuggling up with your favorite furry friend while watching TV, you’re going to want to put down the puppy treats and pay attention for a minute.

There is a movie theater that not only allows your dog to come along to watch a flick with you, but it encourages you to bring him or her — at no extra cost.

One ticket, which is $15, includes free wine and liquor for anyone over the age of 21, along with your dog’s admission to K9 Cinemas.

Any additional pet costs $5.

Not a drinker? Anyone who doesn’t want any drinks (alcoholic or soft), can get free admission.

You might be wondering what kind of movies the theater shows. Here’s the other thing -- which you might love, or you might not be into: You don’t actually know what you’re seeing until you get there.

Does this sound amazing, or what?

K9 Cinemas just has a few (understandable) rules:

  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Provide valid papers from your pet’s vet on your first visit with each pet.
  • Maximum two dogs per human allowed.
  • K9 Cinemas is currently only in Plano, Texas, but the owners want to know if people are interested in seeing it in their town.

    Would you just love to take your furry friend to the movies with you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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