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Lost ring found after 10 years at Orange Park Medical Center

No better than this for construction crew to turn up long-lost ring

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ORANGE PARK, Fla. – An employee at Orange Park Medical Center was in for a big surprise on Tuesday after her wedding ring was found after 10 years of being lost. 

Brenda Glover said she never stopped looking for her ring and never replaced it, hoping she would one day find it. 

"They came right away to my desk where I was working at and said, 'We found your ring,'" said Brenda Glover, Orange Park Medical Center office coordinator. "I said, 'Oh, my God. That is my ring.' I said, 'It's true. It really was back there. I knew all along in my heart that it was there.'" 

She promised herself she would buy a new one if it wasn’t found by her 10-year wedding anniversary.

Two weeks short of her 10-year anniversary, the ring was found by construction workers as they were prepping the imaging department for an upcoming hospital expansion.

"As we were pulling the plywood up, the ring was sitting up right next to the concrete underneath some Masonite," said Spencer Duggan, a CCS construction technician.

She is over the moon to have her ring back!

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