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Warm evening with clear skies, weekend heat wave headed our way

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks warm, sunny, and dry

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Never a dull moment when it comes to our weather, but at least for now we will not be dealing with extreme heat. That comes this weekend which will be one of the hottest Memorial Day Weekends we have seen in a long time.

Here is more on the near record heat expected this weekend.
Meanwhile, in the tropics Andrea has come and gone

Locally, the next two days will be rather delightful, not too hot, yet warm. Humidity levels will remain rather low which increases fire danger, but an afternoon sea breeze will reduce some of the fire threat.

Morning conditions will be pleasantly warm. Each morning will see inland sunrise temperatures around 67° with downtown to the beach temperatures starting off around 73°. Sunny skies will dominate area beaches, but as the afternoon heats up a bank of clouds will develop just inland of the intracoastal. 

Another great looking beach day.

This is the sea breeze front, and this is where we may see a few pop-up showers/thundershowers each day. Like what a few folks experienced on the Southside on Monday, these will be brief, almost "pulse-like". The chance of anyone getting an inland afternoon and or evening shower or thundershower is possible every day. The actual probability will be under 20% each day.

Afternoon highs will not be too exceptional, most inland locations will be around 90-92°. Area beaches will see their highs "peak" around 12 noon, before the sea breeze builds, dropping temperatures back down into the low 80s. That onshore wind will sweep inland throughout the evening. Basic winds will be ESE-10 to 15 mph.

This weekend, starting Saturday, is when afternoon temperatures head seriously higher.

Sunrise 6:28 a.m.
Sunset 8:17 p.m.

GFS (Global Forecast System) is the U.S. Government (NOAA/NCEP) forecast model.
10-Day Forecast, the heat doesn't really make it to Jacsonville, Fla, until Saturday.