Would you break up with someone over a pet? For many, survey said yes

Survey addresses issues of couples in different pet situations

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Many people know about the challenges that can sometimes arise with blended families, but on a smaller scale, what about people who come into a relationship or marriage with pets?

A recent survey conducted by Pet Life Today tried to find some answers. The survey polled 1,000 participants who are currently in a relationship with a pet owner, and it asked a variety of questions. 

Here were some notable results:

  • Asked if they would break up with their partner if they were asked to give up their pet, 69.5% of respondents said yes.
  • Of those who responded, 40% who like their partner’s pet are more likely to be satisfied with their relationship than those who dislike their partner’s pet.
  • In terms of liking the pets their partners bring to the relationship, 96% of men and 94% of women said they liked them.
  • On the subject of intimacy, 39% of dog owners and 31.3% of cat owners said their pets are never in the bedroom with them when they are having sex. In addition, 30.7% of dog owners and 25.8% of cat owners say a pet ruined sexual intimacy between partners. 
  • Asked whether they felt in competition with their partner's pet, 40% of respondents said they did indeed feel in competition with their partner’s pet for attention (22.4%), affection (18.8%), love (17%), time (15.2%), care (12.8%), appreciation (5.2%) and money (5.2%).  

To view the full survey, click here

Are you nodding your head as you read some of these findings, or do you think some of this is crazy talk? Let us know in the comments below.

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