Women's Army Corps celebrates 50th anniversary


JACKSONVILLE – At a time when most women were not allowed in leadership roles in the military, this woman served in World War II. 

Meet Martha Burt, who served as a secretary in the military during the 1930s and 40s. After serving, she joined the Women's Army Corps of Jacksonville.  

"The organization started in '69," Burt said. "I joined in '79."

​Burt has served as a chaplain, historian and overall leader for WAC, and at 97 years old, she's still has an active role in these women's lives. 

From month to month, the group helps local veterans and each other. Laura Wickett is the group's historian. 

"The women in World War II, they pave the way," Wickett said. "They are trailblazers for a generation of which women in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The latter WACs, we pave the way for those women that came out of West Point and out of service academies and ROTC."

The group is small, at just over 20 members, but they are committed to service, marking 50 years. 

A reminder that veterans never stop serving.

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