Attraction recreating Princess Diana's death causes outrage

National Enquirer Live! opens virtual reality ride that recreates 1997 crash

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Chatter and opinions are swirling when it comes to a controversial theme park attraction that was recently opened by the National Enquirer in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

The theme park, called “National Enquirer Live!,” opened a virtual reality ride that recreates the automobile crash in Paris that killed Princess Diana in 1997.

The ride is a 3-D computer model that shows the same buildings, pathway and pursuing paparazzi that followed Diana before the car she was driving in crashed on a Paris street, said park investor Robin Turner in an article on The Daily Beast.

“There’s no blood,” Turner said. “There’s none of that. You see the car crash through computer animation.”

Riders, who have to pay $25 to go on the attraction, will then be polled about what they believe is the cause of Diana’s death and what they think of other conspiracy theories.

The creation of the attraction has made some people livid.

Of course, Turner disagrees with all those who are outraged.

“It’s definitely not in poor taste,” he said in the article. “It’s just showing the route of what happened. For people who have never been to Paris, it’s just showing the topography, and the distance, and the tunnel, and that kind of stuff. It’s done professionally.”

What do you make of this new attraction?

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