Critically endangered lemurs born at Jacksonville Zoo


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four (adorable) black and white ruffed lemurs were born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. 

The zoo announced the critically endangered lemurs were born on Sunday, May 19. 


"All four infants are male, a fact that keepers like as this potentially allows the group to stay longer at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens," the zoo said.  

This is the third litter for the parents, Hawk and Potter. Their first litter was born at the Jacksonville Zoo in 2015. 

"Four is a lot of infants for any mother, and keepers are encouraging Hawk to eat and drink as much as possible and are supplementing her diet with foods items that support lactation. All of the little guys are nursing well and, because Hawk has such a calm disposition and trust in her keepers, she is allowing care staff to obtain regular weights to confirm their development."

*All photos by Senior Mammal Keeper Lynde Nunn* 

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