Homeowners object to power line project in Bartram Springs

Letter from HOA cites health concerns, potential drop in property value

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The president of the Bartram Springs Homeowners Association on Tuesday wrote a letter of objection to JEA's power line project.

Construction has already begun on the controversial project known as the Greenland Energy Center to Race Track Road Electric Reliability Project. JEA has called it "an important infrastructure project to install new electric transmission poles and power lines."

A formal objection sent to Aaron Zahn, JEA's CEO, states that the homeowner's association has "serious concerns" regarding the impact of the project in the Bartram Springs neighborhood. The letter signed by Paul Bohres reads in part:

Our most notable concern is JEA’s apparent unwillingness to give serious consideration to our very real and factually based concerns. From our perspective, JEA appears to merely be “entertaining” us with canned statements, incomplete answers and general disregard.

According to the letter, the project will have the following direct impacts:

  • Removal and/or degradation of the adjacent valuable tree canopy which shields Bartram Springs from noise and pollution associated with U.S. 1.
  • Loss of natural aesthetics associated with the removal and/or degradation of the tree canopy and existing vegetative buffer.
  • Health concerns associated with the magnetic fields of transmission power lines.
  • Diminution in value to property owners throughout Bartram Springs.

LINK: Letter of objection from HOA to JEA CEO

The letter ends by saying the homeowners association is not trying to prevent the project from being constructed, but is requesting JEA considers the potential impacts of the project on residents in the neighborhood.

The project will connect two existing facilities. Lines will connect the Bartram Electric Substation on Race Track Road to the Greenland Energy Center, where State Road 9B and U.S. 1 come together. Lines will also go to the future Nocatee Electric Substation. 

For months, News4Jax has heard from residents who don't like it, calling it a hazard and an eyesore. They've also expressed concerns about property values.

Even though JEA held public meetings, some residents don’t feel like they’ve been heard.

JEA told people who were concerned about loud, high-voltage power lines being put in that the project calls for transmission lines that are a lower-voltage and won’t create a loud hum. 

According to JEA, the power project is estimated to be completed by spring 2020. Click here for more information on the project.