Community rallies around barbershop after theft

Owner will offer free haircuts as way to say thanks


JACKSONVILLE – A community is coming together after a local barbershop was burglarized this week.

Thieves broke into the FlipMode Barbershop in Arlington, stealing nearly everything inside.

The barbershop owner said so many people in the community have stepped into help them this week, so now they’re giving back by offering a free haircut event at the end of this month.

Even though the thieves stole practically everything in the shop, owner Lisa Scott said she’s not letting the crime interfere with her business.

The back door of the shop is now boarded up after the thieves damaged the door and knocked a hole in the wall.

“They came in, bust through the back door, went into the cash-checking place next door. Once they did that, was unsuccessful and came back over to the barbershop and took whatever they could carry out," Scott said.

The thieves took just about everything.

“They took the TVs, they took all of the barbering equipment that was in the barbershop, from the clippers down to the combs and brushes," Scott said.

Later in the week, Scott said a blessing happened. Local businesses stepped up to help replace the stolen items.

"We had other barbers that came by, dropped off equipment, stopped in and just asked what we needed so the community really came forward for us," she said. 

On June 30, Scott plans to provide free haircuts for the community that has made sure her barbershop is back in business.

"She has our full support, and we're going to be here to help her all the way through," said Kenneth Benn, owner of Stick To Ya Roots BBQ.

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