Funny money making rounds in St. Marys

Police Department warning citizens how scammers are targeting victims

ST. MARYS, Ga. – Scammers are at work in St. Marys, Georgia using counterfeit cash to buy items on a Facebook resale group site, according to the St. Marys Police Department.

Recently, several people have fallen prey to the scam in which thieves use money that's not legal tender here in the U.S. or anywhere.

The Police Department said this is not a slam against the hundreds of people who buy and sell items fairly in the group or the moderators of the group, it's a slam against the scammers.

Here's how the scam works: A thief trolls the resale groups looking for something he wants to buy and then sets up a meeting with a legitimate seller.

Police say that, when the thief goes to pay for the merchandise, he folds the money in a way that shows only part of the $100 or $50 bill.  The item is exchanged with the victim and the thief quickly walks away.

When the seller opens up the folded cash, he realizes it doesn't look right or feel quite right. It's close, but what the heck is that red Chinese writing on the left side of the bill?

The $100 bill used in the scam are clearly marked "Motion Picture Use Only" instead of "The United States of America", which would appear on an authentic bill.

Another form of this scam is when a thief wants to purchase an item for less than $100 and asks if you have change for a $100. The Thief then slips the counterfeit $100 bill to the seller and gets the item and change back in real cash.

One thief thought he was home free right up until police identified him. They secured warrants for his arrest for theft by deception and set up a sting operation on Wednesday in a parking lot, where he was taken into custody.  

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