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Noise concerns stem from construction in Brooklyn

Hearing held at City Hall

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The construction noise in the Brooklyn neighborhood was the topic of conversation Monday night at City Hall.

A hearing began at 5 p.m. about the building of Vista Brooklyn apartments on Riverside Avenue.

People who live next door at 220 Riverside said they are upset because the construction is happening in the overnight hours. According to residents, what some called the most desirable side of the building is now being considered the most undesirable side because of the sound.  

220 Riverside resident Phil Fitzpatrick said he picked his fifth-floor unit at the once-new building because of the beautiful view facing the downtown skyline. 

"I paid extra to have this apartment view and it’s being disrupted by the construction," he told News4Jax. "It’s loud and seems like it’s constant. I work night so when I come home trying to go to bed, they are pouring concrete at 1 a.m."

He added: "When I wake up, it’s going on. Then I go to work for 10-12 hours, then I come home, it seems they are just getting started on the night shift. I bought blackout curtains and that doesn’t even work."

Fitzpatrick said he would like to see a change in the time of working hours.

"The concrete pouring at 1 a.m. might be a little much for a lot of people, especially when it is right out of your window," he said.

News4Jax obtained a letter that 220 Riverside residents facing construction received from management. The letter said a concrete pour that had been scheduled for June 8 was canceled due to weather and moved to early Saturday morning.

The letter also notified residents of Monday's hearing for consideration of an appeal of the noise variance granted to a company for construction of Vista Brooklyn. The letter goes on to say that revocation of the noise variance would force the company to operate within the city noise ordinance hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

News4Jax reached out to the developer of the new apartment complex, but had not heard back as of early Monday afternoon. 

220 Riverside declined to comment at this time.

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