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O.J.'s Bronco chase 25 years later: Looking back at infamous TV moment

Monday marks anniversary of an incident that had 95 million viewers

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So, do you remember where you were 25 years ago Monday?

Even if you don’t -- or if you weren’t alive back then, it’s a great history lesson, since the day will mark the anniversary of one of the most captivating moments in U.S. television history.

It’s been 25 years since O.J. Simpson was chased by multiple police cars on a highway in California while riding in a Ford Bronco that was driven by friend Al Cowlings.

An arrest warrant was issued for Simpson in connection with the killings of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman, which took place five days earlier.

The Los Angeles Police Department was expecting Simpson to turn himself in earlier that day. 

But that never happened, and in the evening, police spotted the Bronco heading along Interstate 405, with Cowlings driving and Simpson allegedly in the back holding a gun to his head, threatening to take his own life. 

Just about every major TV network interrupted its programming to show the chase, which had an estimated 95 million viewers across the nation -- more than the 90 million who watched the Super Bowl that year.

In California, thousands of people parked cars along the side of the road or at overpasses to catch a glimpse of the Bronco and the pursuing police cars.

Eventually, the chase ended at Simpson’s estate and he ultimately turned himself in.

The whole incident ended with Simpson going to trial and being acquitted in 1995.

So, what’s Simpson up to nowadays?

He did eventually go to jail for nine years for his role in a robbery at a Las Vegas hotel in 2007, but he was paroled in 2017, he is now reportedly living a lavish life in Las Vegas and decided this past weekend to join Twitter.

Now 71, Simpson posted an introductory video to the social media platform in which he proclaimed, “I’ve got a little getting even to do.”

Do you remember where you were 25 years ago during the infamous chase? Let us know in the comments below. 

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