Video: JFRD helps rescue kitten stuck inside parked car

You've got to be kitten me!


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A drive to the gym left one woman with a new addition after a small rescue. 

A woman was walking past a car near the Orange Theory on Southside Boulevard by Tinseltown on Tuesday when she heard a meow.


"I actually heard the meows," Rebecca Jackson said. "I pulled up to Bento to get lunch with a co-worker and I stopped dead in my tracks because I heard a cat, and my co-worker thought I was crazy because she couldn’t hear it. And then another lady walking out of Orange Theory and she stopped walking and I asked her if she heard it too and she did. And that’s when we realized it was coming from the car engine next to me." 

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department was called and saved the cat, pulling it from the engine of the car. 

Jackson said the cat was taken to the vet and believes the owner of the car plans to keep the cat. 

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