Storms firing up west of I-95, fading after sunset

Jacksonville's weather forecast may get wetter thanks to the tropics

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Today was mostly dry, but the heat and moisture will result in storms firing up quickly as we move into the late afternoon and evening hours, primarily to the west of I-95. The inland storms will fade as we start to cool down tonight. Overnight lows will sink down into the mid 70s with clearing skies. 

Tuesday starts out with partly cloudy skies and warms up quickly. Expect daytime highs to climb into the mid to low 90s. Expect 50% chances to see slow-moving afternoon thunderstorms firing up and drifting slowly to the west. 

Wednesday our rain chances grow, especially if the low pressure system we are monitoring enters the Gulf from the panhandle area. We would not see any damaging winds, but passing downpours are expected as the system forms in the Gulf before drifting towards the Texas/Louisiana coastline. Expect 60% chances for showers and high temperatures in the low 90s. 

Thursday will be wet, expect 80% chances for showers to spread across our area, we expect a few waves of rain pushing through. Afternoon temperatures will top out in the low to mid 90s. 

Friday looks equally as wet, with 80% chances for showers and thunderstorms. Expect to wake up in the mid 70s, warm up into the low 90s, with a few waves of rain pushing through. 

The chances for rain decrease slightly as we move through the weekend, with 70% chances for passing showers Saturday and 60% chances for rain on Sunday. 

If the low pressure drifts as expected, towards the Texas coastline, expect dry air to be drug across Florida from the south and west, drying our forecast out nicely for the beginning of next week. 

Looking ahead:  A broad area of low pressure will likely form in the northern Gulf on Wednesday. Regardless of development, this system has the potential to produce heavy rainfall along the northern Gulf Coast.  Formation chance through 48 hours - 30 percent.  Formation chance through 5 days - 80 percent.​ If this system forms it would be named Barry. 


Hourly Forecast:
5 pm 93 - 40%
8 pm 85 - 30%
10 pm 82 - 20%

Sunset:  8:31 pm


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