Fire hazards, flies and faulty equipment found in area restaurants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With your safety in mind, we check in with health inspectors each week to find the restaurants with the largest number of violations.

Two restaurants in Lake City failed a surprise inspection. Seven high-priority violations were found at the Gondolier Italian Restaurant on Highway 90. Inspectors said coleslaw, soup and dessert all had to be thrown out for temperature abuse. A repeat violation was also issued for a lack of soap and hot water. After a follow-up inspection, the restaurant was back in compliance.

The Hong Yip Restaurant on Southwest Main Boulevard failed an inspection with six high-priority violations. The inspector found two flies, a leaky faucet and mold inside the ice machine. A stop sale was placed on chicken that wasn't stored at the right temperature. The critical violations were all fixed by the inspector's next visit.

Back in Jacksonville, La Nopalera on Hendricks Avenue got the order to shut down Wednesday after multiple fire code violations were found, according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

They include failing to:

  • Install, inspect, test and maintain the sprinkler system
  • Provide a professionally cleaned hood
  • Provide a building layout plan

VIEW: JFRD Fire Report for La Nopalera

If you're looking for pancakes, poached eggs and a perfect inspection report, head to Keke's Breakfast Cafe in St. Johns County. The restaurant on Durbin Pavilion Drive had a spotless kitchen during a recent inspection.