Make sure you get your Prime Day packages before thieves do

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you are planning to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, make sure you plan ahead for your packages to be delivered.

News4Jax Crime and Safety Expert, Ken Jefferson, said people stealing packages off of porches is becoming more popular because it’s so easy to do.

“They follow delivery trucks, such as FedEx, Amazon, UPS and they’ll follow them and see where they go to leave packages,” explained Jefferson. “Shortly after those packages are delivered and left on the porch, the porch pirates will go and get it, not really knowing what’s in the package.  They just want to be able to steal it and see if there’s anything of value that they can either keep for themselves or sell.”

Jefferson said often times, the crime occurs during the day while people are at work. He said the only way to protect your packages is to make sure they aren’t left outside while you aren’t home. He recommends coordinating with neighbors or family members to receive your boxes. Some workplaces will also allow you to get them shipped directly to your office.

Amazon offers several secure delivery options including Amazon lockers. The lockers are set up at several locations in Jacksonville. The locker location can be selected during the checkout process.  To find a locker near you, click here.

You can also have your packages delivered right into your house, garage or even the trunk of your car with Amazon Key. You will need an app and some special equipment like a lock kit.

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