Man charged in Mayport crime spree accused in 2nd robbery

Lawrence Hall faces charges including attempted murder, kidnapping

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Documents obtained by News4Jax show a man arrested after a high-speed chase following a robbery at an internet cafe in Mayport has been accused in another robbery that occurred at a adult arcade on Emerson Street.

Lawrence Hall was arrested after a crime spree in January. Investigators said he robbed an internet cafe at gunpoint, abducted an elderly man to use his SUV as a getaway vehicle and crashed into a concrete pole while leading police on a chase. The 84-year-old was hospitalized and later died from his injuries.

Video shows what happened to Hall after he was hospitalized and taken into custody following the crash. Still in a hospital gown, he sits in a wheelchair in an interrogation room.

"I want an attorney," Hall demands from a detective.

Shortly after, investigators learned the crimes Hall is accused of were not limited to the chase in Mayport. According to police, Hall was also the man who robbed at adult arcade on Emerson Street weeks earlier.

"He just walked around the corner. He stood there, composted himself to look normal and walked out the door," someone said during a phone call to 911. "He pulled all the cameras and everything all out of there."

A quote from an arrest report reads that Hall:

"...used a red and green backpack during the robbery, which was an exact match to the backpack used in the Emerson Arcade robbery."

Hall is facing multiple charges for both crimes including attempted murder and kidnapping.​

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