Man arrested in shooting at The Plaza Apartments

Hugo Baumann-Arguello charged with murder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says it has arrested a man wanted for a Thursday evening shooting at the Plaza Apartments on University Club Boulevard.

JSO says a 911 call came in from a man who said he and a woman were shot. Both victims were transported to local hospitals. The man died from his injuries.

JSO does not release names of victims, citing Marsy's Law, but says it has arrested Hugo Baumann-Arguello, 21, for murder, aggravated battery and possession of drugs. Police said Baumann-Arguello had gone to the location for a meeting for a drug transaction.

Police said during the transaction, the male victim reached into Baumann-Arguello's car to take the drugs. Baumann-Arguello fired several shots, hitting the man numerous times and the woman once.

Baumann-Arguello pleaded no contest in 2018 to criminal misdemeanor for marijuana possession. 

"Nothing, like, really stands out, honestly, so you wouldn't really think any of that would be going on around here cause it's pretty quiet, pretty quiet neighborhood," said Lanaeya McLaughlin, who lives in the complex.

Witnesses say the victim was shot in the chest.

"Yeah, it makes me feel so much better that he's not around anymore cause that's crazy," McLaughlin said. "That's really crazy."




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