Money Matters: Disney using 'MagicBands' & apps to spy on guests

Disney theme parks in Orlando and California are under scrutiny over new reports questioning the parks' 'MagicBands' and apps. The devices quietly track visitors on their every movement while enjoying the parks. 

A Bloomberg report describes the wristband and app tracking combo as an easy and "profitable" way to streamline the parks' traffic while maximizing profits by perfectly catering to visitors' desires. The online magazine attributes the wrist tech as one of the main reasons Disney theme parks revenue has risen, reporting an 18% increase in revenue last year alone.

According to the New York Post, the wristbands and apps monitor guests on things like preferred rides a family and characters they might be attracted to, before quietly catering to those unspoken tendencies. Disney says the technology is meant to keep the parks running with extreme efficiency and learn ever-more about guests.

Back in 2015, Wired wrote an article explaining the complicated marketing technology behind the 'MagicBands' shortly after their debut at the theme parks. The wristbands feature a long-range radio transmitter, tracking guests' movements throughout the rides. The devices are so powerful that they are capable of predicting guests' desires by simply cruising through the rides and sites; even ordering and delivering a meal to visitors without saying a word.