Man hospitalized in crash gets $64K invoice estimate

Father of 7 says he was in hospital for 4 hours

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A husband and father of seven children said he was in a hospital for about four hours after a crash and received an estimate for more than $60,000.

Marc Gelinas and his wife are expecting their eighth child. They're concerned they can't afford the medical bills after the car crash on June 2, when Gelinas was rear-ended.

"His vehicle struck me so hard. It spun and flipped me over about five times and landed on the roof," Gelinas said.

In the crash, Gelinas said he sustained injuries to his back, neck, hip and shoulder. He was taken to Orange Park Medical Center before being told his insurance would not cover the entire bill, so, Gelinas said, he left and went to another hospital.

According to the itemized list from Orange Park Medical, Gelinas was charged for room and care, medicine, lab work and X-rays. There was also an emergency room fee.

The itemization totaled $64,258.60. Gelinas said he received a bill for the same amount, and he said he's confused how the services could cost that much for four hours of service.

It appears Orange Park Medical made a deduction of $54,258.60, leaving the balance at $10,000. Gelinas said that's false, and he still owes tens of thousands of dollars.

"They need to adjust the bill. I can't afford and I should only be responsible for my copay," Gelinas said.

Orange Park Medical Center said it's only an itemized bill, and the final cost is unclear until its processed by medical insurance. Hospitals are required by law to show an itemized bill. The hospital said it will be contacting Gelinas.

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