Evacuated Calloway Cove residents say now there's no room at hotel

Residents evacuated by fire now told there's no room at hotel for them

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People still living at the Calloway Cove apartments despite a massive fire say they've had no gas or hot water in their units for days and are living in poor living conditions.

Dozens of residents had to leave the complex and stay at a Northside Hotel because of potential gas leaks and the danger of another fire.

Some residents who are staying at the Travel Lodge near the airport were bused there Wednesday night and want to stay there but were told the hotel is full.

A neighbor tells News4Jax the property management told her she's out of luck. 

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"It was crazy,"  Kamona Prince said. She was home with her two kids when the huge fire broke out Tuesday evening.

"Me and my children were in the house when we heard boom, boom. We jumped up and ran outside and that was it. I heard kids screaming, crying. It was just crazy," Prince said.

The gas service company for the complex says it's cut the gas off at the building affected by the fire.

Prince lives a few buildings away from the one that burned and said she has no gas either in her unit.

"We ain't got no water, no gas, can't cook, gotta use a microwave. I don't want microwave food all the time. I want to cook," she said.

When she asked for accommodations to be made at a hotel, she said property managers at the complex told her the hotel was full and to stay with friends or family. 

"I shouldn't have to stay with nobody," Prince added.

When asked for comment Thursday about the potential gas leaks, a spokesperson for Millennia Housing Management, the property owner, said she could not comment because of an ongoing investigation.

It's not clear how long residents will be staying at the hotel. 

The state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the large fire. Multiple sources have blamed the fire on a gas stove.

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