Video captures apparent shootout between feuding households

1 woman grazed by bullet during exchange of gunfire, police say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A gunbattle that took place Wednesday, apparently between people from two households on opposite sides of a Westside street, left one woman injured and bullet holes in the home where the skirmish began.

Donald Brown, who lives on one side of Glendas Meadows Drive, said it all started when children from one home started arguing with his granddaughters. He said that’s when one of his granddaughters went over to the home across the street to confront those children.

“He told her, 'Don’t step in my yard.’ When she stepped in the yard, that’s when he pulled a gun and fired and they all ran this way," Brown said.

Video provided to News4Jax captured the shootout. It doesn't show the first shot fired, but you can hear it. The video shows a person in a white shirt firing back across the street.

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"The most frightening part of that video is to see those children yelling, screaming and running for their lives," News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said.

All police would confirm was that multiple shots were fired and one person was shot. Jefferson said officers were not able to make an arrest because they couldn't figure out who was actually shooting.

No one claims to know either shooter, not even a girl who Brown said lives in the home across the street where the shots first came from. Her mother gave us permission to speak with the girl as long as her face was not shown.

“People were arguing and they just started shooting," the girl said. "We started hearing gunfire and people started shooting back and then we ran in the house.”

Brown said the woman who was grazed by one of the bullets had just come to his house to pick up her kids. 

Both Brown and the girl who lives across the street admit there had been tensions between the children in both households.

When asked if there’s going to be more violence, she said, “It’s no beef. It’s done. We’re safe. It’s not going to happen again."

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