Glynn County school district launching new reading initiative

"Lit 3 -- Ask Me" gets community on board

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – Nearly 14,000 Glynn County students are returning to class Thursday following summer break.

It can be a struggle to get back into the rhythm, and teachers are always looking for new and interesting ways to help children learn. This year, the district is working on a new initiative to help children read at grade level.

Sung Hui Lewis, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning with the district, said this idea came about because some children were entering the school system with deficits.  

"It's no fault of their own. It might be a socioeconomic situation," Lewis said. "It might be in that parents are working two jobs trying to make ends meet."

Lewis said whatever the reason is, the community as a whole needs to take note and get involved. This school year, the district is launching a program called "Lit 3 -- Ask Me." 

Breaking it down, "Lit 3" is about getting students reading on grade level by the third grade. Research has shown this time frame is crucial for a child's overall literacy. Excelling can eliminate the need for intervention later on.

"We try very hard to close that gap," Lewis said. "But just what if, they came to school with that gap closed?"

"Ask Me" is where the community comes in. Lewis said Glynn County residents from all walks of life will be able to participate and help these kids.

"It's about, what can you do? So the 'Ask Me' could be that retired veterans, we would love for y'all to come in and read to our kids. Whatever you can," Lewis said. "It might be that we have retired people who want to go to the hospital and read to children who are in the hospital." 

Best of all, there will be no limitations on how the community can get involved. Lewis hopes the enthusiasm will catch on throughout Glynn County.

The program is still at an early stage, but it will be unveiled this school year. News4Jax will keep you posted on how it develops.

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