Sandalwood senior recounts week as News4Jax student reporter

Harlon Brown, 17, joined us for a week on 'The Morning Show'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Harlon Brown Jr. spent the week as a student reporter for “The Morning Show,” interviewing guests, reporting from the field and sharing insights into how to have a great school year.

Harlon, 17, is the senior class president at Sandalwood High School.

Duval County chose him to be our student reporter because he’s a great communicator and a leader, and they believed he’d represent the district well. 

Harlon shared a recap of his experience working on “The Morning Show” and being mentored by “Miss Melanie” Lawson.

Day One

I was brought to the news station for the first time by Miss Melanie. I was kind of nervous at first, but toward the end, I loosened up. It was really cool seeing how all of the work behind the scenes was done. Being interviewed by Melanie was the best part, just being able to talk to her and being on TV was very exciting. We also shot some footage at my school, which was also a cool experience.

Day Two

I met with Mr. Steven Cooley from Office Depot, and he was a very nice guy. He made his job seem very cool. We discussed all of the different items and school supplies he brought with him, which were actually quite intriguing. It was my first time interviewing someone on live television, so I was kind of nervous, but I got myself together and pulled through. Miss Melanie also gave me a few tips on how to get in and out of an interview, which I found very helpful.

Day Three

This was actually one of the most fun and interesting days of being a reporter. I got to talk to a professional chef named “Chef Phantom” who was very nice and humble. He gave me a lot of advice off-camera and made some really good food for me and my family. Interviewing Chef Phantom was my second time doing an interview by myself and I think this time I really got the hang of it.