How wet will it be? Hour-by-hour Jaguars home opener forecast

From tailgating to post game celebration, here's what to expect


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today will be slightly cooler, with daytime highs around 90° thanks to clouds and widespread chances for rain. If you are headed downtown for the Jaguars game, here's your hour-by-hour forecast:

5 p.m.
Tailgating for the game could be wet. The chances for rain downtown peak between 4-5 p.m. at 80%. We expect cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-80s that hour. Winds will be out of the southwest around 11 mph. 

6 p.m.
The chance of rain drops ever-so-slightly during this hour, down to 60%. Temperatures will be in the mid-80s with southwest winds at 11 mph under mostly cloudy skies.

7 p.m.
For kickoff, expect temperatures around 83° and 60% chances for showers. Mostly cloudy skies and winds out of the southwest at 10 mph. 

8 p.m.
The temperatures drop down to 80°, but the feels like temperature will still be at 90° thanks to the sticky humidity. The chances for a shower drop down to the 50% range.  Winds will start to fade, out of the southwest at 8mph. 

9 p.m.
Temperatures sink down to 78°, but the chances for rain are still in the 50% range. Mostly cloudy skies and light winds out of the southwest

10 p.m.
The temperatures start to level off at 78°, but the feels-like temperature continues to drop a bit, down to 85°. The showers should be fading as rain chances drop just below the 50% range this hour. 

11 p.m.
There will not be much change from the end of the game and midnight. Expect temperatures around 78°, feels like temperatures around 85°. Mostly cloudy skies and winds out of the southwest at 8mph. Rain chances sink slowly down through the 40% range. 

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