Umbrella days are back and not just for the afternoon and evening storms

Could be one of the rainiest streak of days we have seen in a long while

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JAG fans at the game, sprinkles and light rain are approaching and will be around until the end of the game. The will be generally light. 

Super saturated atmospheric conditions stretch from the Gulf of Mexico right across Jacksonville this evening. In the wake of the 1-2 pm rains this afternoon we had a perfect dry spell for the Jags game, until now. Scattered sprinkles and showers have slowly developed and are likely to become more widespread the next few hours. Those who live along I-75 from Lake City to Gainesville will see actual downpours overnight.

Welcome to the "anytime and anywhere" rain pattern. This type of pattern is fairly rare, we are most accustomed to the afternoon and evening type of rains/storms.

For the next few days the rains will be a challenge to specify a when and where, so it will be best to have an umbrella with you throughout Friday and Saturday.

Not much of a beach weekend on Saturday, maybe Sunday will improve, but we will know more as we get closer to Sunday.

In the meantime, keep the umbrella at the ready.

Friday morning it will be very smart to watch Richard Nunn in the morning, to check on the radar and make sure you have the push alerts for your Weather Authority App on, there will be a number of rounds of rain the next few days.

Starting off with very tropical / damp conditions sunrise Friday, morning temperatures will start in the upper 70s. Yet, with morning showers around and limited sunshine, daytime temperatures will struggle to reach 90°. Most places will see highs only in the upper 80s. Showers and storms will be around off-on throughout the morning/noon/afternoon and night.

Saturday will also be very much like Friday, total rain amounts will be between 1-3" by Sunday morning.

Flooding rain possibilities will be for those west of I-75 (not 95) where from I-75 to the Gulf of Mexico will see up to 5" of rain over the next few days.

Possible rainfall amounts over te next 2 days (through Saturday evening).
Possible rainfall amounts over te next 2 days (through Saturday evening).

This will be one of the rainiest periods we will see this year. There will be other wet periods in the weeks ahead as this is typically the wettest time of year for NEFL/SEGA.

Next week we will get back to the 90s with a more normal pattern of afternoon and evening storms.

Next 10 days is front loaded with lots of wet the next 3-4 days.
Next 10 days is front loaded with lots of wet the next 3-4 days.


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