St. Augustine pier reopens after Hurricane Dorian

Engineer inspection deems the pier safe in time for the weekend

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Three days after Hurricane Dorian passed offshore of Florida's east coast, officials finished their inspection of the St. Augustine pier Saturday. Engineers found no structural damage and cleared the pier to reopen.

Fisherman Cody Ackerman said he visits the pier multiple times a month.

"I understand they're doing construction and making everything safe, which is good because you don't want to be out here, to have the pier fall down," Ackerman said.

Crew were still in the process of removing the makeshift barricade of boards Saturday morning as fishermen made their way to the end of the pier.

Predeska Byrd was part of the first group of anglers who went on the St. Augustine pier just as it opened.

"I'm trying to fish for Wieters croakers drums, Reads, whatever that'll bite," Byrd said. " I got it this one on the pole."

It's been days since the pier closed its doors to visitors and fishermen. The county took precautions to protect the community.

Now with one catch after another, things are getting back to normal on the St. Augustine Pier.

Although some areas along the beaches sustained erosion from the storm surge, most of the St. Johns County coastline was spared any severe damage.

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