Volunteers, community step up to help rescued sailors on capsized boat

International Seafarers' Center in Brunswick accepting donations

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. – The outreach of support from the Brunswick community has been tremendous since a cargo ship overturned Sunday in the waters off Georgia's coast.

The 20 people rescued Sunday were brought to the International Seafarers' Center in Brunswick, Georgia. The center's director, Vicki West, said that's where volunteers provided food and clothing to crew members from the overturned cargo ship.

West said volunteers immediately began calling in and asking what could be done to help.

"We were glad that the community had provided enough clothing that they took exactly what they wanted and what they needed,"  West added. "Since I got here this morning, I've had about 25 phone calls from people wondering how can we help? Can we provide meals? Can we provide clothes? What do you need?"

West said the Filipino and South Korean crew members who were rescued were in good condition despite losing everything they had on the ship. The crew members live on the ship and some only had the clothes on their backs when they were rescued.

Bags with hygiene items, socks, toothpaste and games, some of which were donated to the center by the community, were also given to the crew members as they recovered from their harrowing night.

West said lunch was donated from Grandy's, a local restaurant in Brunswick, and St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church held mass for the crew.

They also offered Bibles and promise books to any of the crew members who might want them, and they each took one, West said.

On Monday, the four crew members still trapped inside the capsized cargo ship were rescued.

The International Seafarers' Center in Brunswick is accepting donations. If you'd like to help provide food, clothing or other accommodations to the crew members, call 912-267-0631 or visit International Seafarers Center.

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