Jalen Ramsey touched by 'get well' arrangement from fans

'I think he needs extra fruit,' organizer of effort tweets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Was Jalen Ramsey really sick or just sick of the Jacksonville Jaguars? When he called out sick for practice Monday, some Jaguars fans had an idea. 

Bonnie Upright is a 25-year season ticket holder and former spokesperson for the Blake Bortles Foundation.

“I sent out a tweet that just said, 'If it were me, I would send him a get well soon edible arrangement and move on with my day,' and it was that simple. It was a very short tweet and then it got a little traction and people said, 'We maybe should do this.'”

Upright said after sending the tweet, other Jags fans started sending her donations for the get well gift for Jalen Ramsey via Venmo.

“Quite honestly, it was a snarky. I own it," Upright said. "It was a snarky comment because I’m like really? OK. And so we did!”

By the end of the day, $215 in donations was sent to her via Venmo. All Upright had to do was make one phone call to another longtime season ticket holder, Trish Kapustka, who owns the Edible Arrangements franchise on Jacksonville's Northside.

“I was, like, 'Yeah, I am on board. Come on let’s do it!'" Kapustka said. "Bonnie wanted something that said GET WELL SOON,"  there’s nothing about the arrangement that doesn’t say get well.” 

Kaputska and her team created an edible arrangement for Ramsey, signed from Jags Fans, which she hand-delivered to him herself.

“When I first got to his home, as happens often with our deliveries, he wasn’t available and, thankfully for Ring doorbells, I got to talk to him and he told me when he would be available and he asked that I come back, and I was happy to do that.”

Kaputska said Ramsey was just getting home from an appointment 30 minutes later when she handed the arrangement directly to him on his front porch.

“He was very grateful and gracious and very happy to have it," Kapustka said.

Kaputska says she couldn’t tell if Ramsey was sick.

“You know, I don’t know because I don’t know what he looks like," Kapustka said. "He was quiet, which is very different from when you see him on the field -- very animated, right? Other than him being a superstar NFL player, it was like any other get well delivery of the day and, hopefully, it made him feel better!” 

Upright said she’s just happy Ramsey received it and truly hopes he does gets well soon, regardless of whether he stays or goes.

“Maybe there’s magic in that fruit! -- those edible arrangements? There’s vitamin C -- always good for you, right? I just want my team to win and, so far, we’re looking pretty good," Upright said.

Upright said they have a little over $50 left in last-minute donations they could soon be spending on a goodbye gift for Ramsey.