FSCJ, police investigating claim of attack on campus


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A spokesperson at the Florida State College at Jacksonville said an attack that was reported on social media is under investigation.

According to an incident report, on Wednesday, a student sent out a tweet saying her classmate had been attacked inside of a bathroom stall on Kent Campus.

According to FSCJ, that classmate told security she saw a man enter the women's restroom while she was inside of a stall. She said the man left the restroom before she exited the stall and told security they never came face to face.

Security officers searched the campus for a man matching the student's description, the incident report said. Later Wednesday morning, the tweet was posted by another student about the attack.

The student who the tweet was about told security she did not tell anyone she was assaulted, nor did she know the person who tweeted the message, according to the incident report.

The report goes on to state that in a second interview, the student told security she told her anatomy professor about the incident and that there were other students in the classroom at the time. That student said an unknown person in her class overheard the conversation and decided to tweet it with their own details of what occurred.

FSCJ said based on the report filed by the student and subsequent interviews with the person who filed the report, it appears there was no attack.

On Thursday, FSCJ President Dr. John Avendano released this statement:

"We want to reassure all of our students, faculty, staff, guardians and community members that your safety is our number one priority. FSCJ's Security team is investigating conflicting information from an individual report at Kent Campus yesterday. We are working with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to jointly interview the student that filed the report."