FSCJ officials investigating a claim of attack from a bathroom stall

FSCJ advises students to download Safe App


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida State College at Jacksonville says on Wednesday morning a student tweeted a classmate was attacked while she was alone in a bathroom stall. The college is now working with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to re-interview the student to find out what happened.

FSCJ tweeted this statement: “We want to reassure all of our students, faculty, staff, guardians and community members that your safety is our number one priority. FSCJ’s Security team is investigating conflicting information from an individual report at Kent Campus Wednesday. We are working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to jointly interview the student that filed the report.”


The college is now encouraging students to download the FSCJ Safe App. It has specific settings for each of the campuses around Jacksonville.

There’s a button to call 911 on the home page of the app making it easy to call for help with the push of two buttons.

Just as there are blue light stations on college campuses across the country, there is also a similar feature on your phone through the app. After a tap, it sends the user's location and calls campus security immediately.

Another feature on the app is called friend walk. Users can share their location with friends, if they have the app, so they can watch the user walk home or wherever they are going. 

For those who do not have any friends who have the app, users can share their location with campus security.

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