Caught on baby monitor: Springfield residents watch thief in home

Family says home has been broken into twice within 6 months

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  A family is warning their neighbors after their Springfield home was broken into for a second time.  
This time, the break-in  Tuesday was caught on camera.  

Jacksonville’s Springfield neighborhood is filled with beautiful, historical homes, but one of those homes has been broken into twice in the past six months.

“We just got lucky twice,” homeowner Tiffany Castillo said. “I have lived here since 2015.”

The young mother, her husband and their 4-month-old baby live in the two-story home that's been targeted by thieves.

“The neighborhood is peaceful for the most part. This year, we did have a break-in back in April, where they broke a side window and stood on top of the recycling can to jump into the window. They didn’t take anything that time,” Castillo said.

This week’s break-in happened around 9 a.m. Tuesday while nobody was home. But the family’s baby monitor caught part of the intrusion.

WATCH: Video of thief caught on camera 

“We didn’t think the baby monitor records, but then we realized it does record. My husband watched a few hours. He skimmed through hours of the whole day, to find the time (when) he (the burglar) walks through,” Castillo said. “It feels very violating to have him in the nursery, in the house, going through our things.”

In the video, you can see the thief opening the door and walking through the nursery. Seconds later, the door closes behind him, spooking the man.

“You see him run, bang on it several times until it broke, and he jumped out,” she said. 

The second-story window where he escaped from faces the street.


“He took a tablet, dropped it on the roof and fled,” Castillo said.

The Castillo family wants the man to know to smile if he returns because the cameras will be rolling.

The family is not sure if the intruder was the same man in both cases. They filed a police report, and evidence technicians surveyed the home. If you know anything about the break-in, you're asked to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500. 

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