Landlord program's goal to make neighborhoods safer

City, police team up to offer ways to keep criminals out


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office are teaming up to build safer neighborhoods by holding training sessions to help property owners and managers keep illegal activity at bay.

"It brings a little comfort at home. Whenever you're at home, you don't want any other types of stress. You wanna relax. It gives you that comfort zone," John Herrera, a San Marco renter, said. 

The training session is called the Landlord Training Program. According to the city's website, it covers everything from applicant screening, the rental agreement, warning signs of any illegal activity, as well as working with police.

"It's an extra eye on the ground, and that's what we need. If we work as a team together we're gonna make things happen in a positive way," Herrera said.

According to the city's website, 90% of landlords who have taken the course said they feel more secure in their ability to screen applicants and more confident about evicting tenants who are involved in illegal activity on their properties. 

Anyone with questions about the Landlord Training Program or the schedule and how to register can call the Jacksonville Neighborhoods Department at 904-255-8197. 

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