Family, friends remember Orange Park woman 6 years after shooting

Saturday marked 6 years since someone shot, killed Jillian Berrios

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Saturday marked six years since someone shot and killed Jillian Berrios, 27, in her car.

The Orange Park woman was parked at the Park Place apartments on Loring Avenue when someone shot her. No arrests have ever been made.

Family and friends came together Saturday night near where the shooting happened to remember her in prayer and with a candlelight vigil.

Berrios' daughter was in elementary school when the shooting happened. She cherishes the eight years they had together, but said they weren't enough.

"It's been pretty hard because, there's some days where I really need her. Obviously, I can't," she said. "There's sometimes where it gets really hard 'cause there's stuff I need help on 'cause I'm still growing up and without having a mother figure, it really hurts."

Berrios' daughter is only in town for this weekend. In a candlelight vigil, friends and family gathered to share their favorite memories and pray for peace.

Six years later, now 14 years old, Berrios' daughter still can't make sense of it.

"It's sad. She was the only person I had at the time," she said. "She was a great person to everybody and she didn't have any enemies, and she was always smiling and having fun with her friends and family, never left anybody out, always asked people if they wanted to be involved, if they wanted to come over and have fun. And she was always with somebody. She was never alone."

Zulma Torres and Berrios were best friends for more than 15 years.

"She was a great mother and a great friend. Very thoughtful, very giving and she had a heart that just, she was loving to everybody, so we don't understand how this could happen," Torres said.

In the six years that have passed since her friend's death, Torres worries detectives have given up on the case and that those who know something are scared to come forward.

"I know somebody knows something," Torres said. "We live in times where people hide the bad and just not deliver what needs to be done and right, and I'm praying that whatever is done in darkness comes to light."

News4Jax asked Torres what more she would like to see police do to advance the case.

"I think a gathering, calling me I'm a mediator for the family calling us and giving us an update and just bring people from outside if that's what needs to be done," Torres said.

Detectives have no new updates in the case, but Berrios' loved ones are asking the public for any new tips that will lead to an arrest.

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