Riverside residents upset about frequent car break-ins

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Riverside residents are frustrated and sounding off about an increase in car break-ins throughout the neighborhood.

Many of them say they’ve reported it to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office but the crimes haven’t stopped.

"We’ve been broken into so many times now I actually have a reminder on my phone that says 'Come out at 10 o’clock and lock the car,'" said resident Lali Espinoza. 

She has been a victim five times at her Riverside home of two years.

This is what Espinoza and her neighbors across the Riverside area unfortunately have established as their new norm.

One of her neighbors captured surveillance video of thieves going from car to car the other night. You see the thieves running up with hoods over their heads and checking the doors of the car. They’re unsuccessful, and they run off.

Neighbors tell us every night crooks show up between midnight and 4 a.m.

"They rummage through everything: the glove compartments, the central console and I don’t know what they’re looking for specifically, but if you leave anything in there, it’s gone," said Espinoza. 

Espinoza says they’ve even broken into cars that were locked but have keyless entry.

Our crime and safety expert, Ken Jefferson, said there’s a reason the crooks keep coming back.

"They’re not going to go into a car that they don’t see something that they want," said Jefferson. 

"How frustrating is it to live like that? It’s awful. It’s like living with pests. I don’t know. Every single day, having to worry that your car is broken into. It's really stressful, and I want to say it’s, like, the new normal, but it shouldn’t be the new normal," said Espinoza. 

Neighbors tell us they actually believe it’s the same people doing it every night, and some say they’d like JSO to step up the patrol.

Just as a reminder, JSP has a 9 p.m. "did you lock your doors" reminder.