Thieves bust through wall of Jacksonville liquor store to steal booze

Countless bottles of liquor stolen from Cheers on Hodges Boulevard

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police are looking for thieves who busted through a wall about 2 a.m. Friday and got away with countless bottles of liquor from the Cheers Liquor Store on Hodges Boulevard.

The owner believes the bandits used a sledgehammer to break through a concrete block wall at the back of the store, knocking out a 3-by-4-foot hole they could climb through.

The owner of Cheers Liquor said thieves stole expensive bottles of liquor from various shelves, leaving inexpensive liquor alone.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said thieves busting a hole in the wall to break into a home or business is nothing new or out of the ordinary, but it goes to show how smart some crooks are.

"The smart thing to do, not that I'm condoning this crime, because I'm not, was to go through the back and was to break in through the wall versus coming in through the front, shattering glass, causing a lot of noise and possibly being picked up on all these surveillance cameras that are around here," Jefferson said.

Jefferson went on to say that because the crooks only took specific types of liquor, they likely had been in the place casing it prior to the break-in.

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