Handcuffed man arrested after escaping police custody

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested a man they said escaped from officers Tuesday night while he was still in handcuffs.

Investigators said Corvouier Alize Boman, 18, was booked early Wednesday morning just before 1 a.m. 

He escaped JSO's initial attempt to arrest him. According to investigators, after Boman was handcuffed after he was caught driving a stolen car near Lenox Avenue on the Westside. As an officer was escorting him back to a patrol car, police said Boman was able to break free and run away. 

The sheriff's office has not yet said where Boman was found Wednesday morning but he is expected to appear before a judge around 1 p.m. He faces a number of charges that include resisting an officer and motor vehicle theft.

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