Pool hall closes kitchen over property line fight

Perfect Rack Billiards closed its kitchen Sunday

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A pool hall closed its kitchen Sunday after a property line fight forced a dumpster it relies on to be fenced off.

The owners of Perfect Rack Billiards, whose primary income comes from serving food, said they closed the kitchen because there was no place to discard garbage once the dumpster was fenced in.

"I'm not sure who put it up," said Jason Rickerson, an employee. "It came up last week or the week before."

The owner of the neighboring property, Sleiman Enterprises, put the fence up in order to impede access to the dumpster. 

"The circumstance of an adjacent property relying on or passing through a neighbor's parcel for access is not authorized and had created issues with respect to parking, use and control for activities off our site (legal or otherwise)," Sleiman Enterprises said in a statement. "There is no legal requirement or reliance for our parcel to serve as entryway to neighboring parcels. Our intention is to simply preserve access to our property, support our tenants' needs and ensure our property is clean, safe and secure for tenants and their guests.  What we did was within our rights as property owners. Further, a fence had already been erected by the neighboring property owner, we merely added our own to uphold the principles of private property ownership."

Rickerson said waste removal and really anything that needs access to the business's critical back doors are blocked. 

"We'll be able to get in and out through our front door and they're unable to get their delivery," Rickerson said. 

Cory Goff, the son of the Perfect Rack Billiards owner, said the fence has devastated their business.

"We have done nothing wrong as a business," Goff said. "All we have done is use their backyard to get to our backyard and it was never a problem since we've opened the place in 2008."

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