Fire marshal orders Perfect Rack Billiards to cease & desist

Closure stems from issue with fence behind billiards hall


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Days after it had to close its kitchen because of an issue with a fence, Perfect Rack Billiards on Wednesday received a cease and desist order from the fire marshal.

In addition, the billiards hall was issued a stop-work order. The fire marshal's office said the business did not have a secondary exit.

"Since we've been open since 2008, we've always had our second fire exit through the back door and that no longer is a second fire exit because there's an enclosed fence with no gate," said Cory Goff, the son of the owner of the business.

Perfect Rack Billiards told News4Jax that Sleiman Enterprises, the former owner of The Jacksonville Landing, put up a fence at the end of the property line that prevents waste from being collected from the dumpster.

Perfect Rack said it has tried to resolve the issue, but last weekend, it was forced to close its kitchen because it said it has nowhere else to put its waste.

It wasn't the only business in the area that received a notice from the fire marshal. Buchner's Bierhalle said in a Facebook post that it too received a notice and that a total of four businesses have been forced closed.

"This is a bigger issue because we have a cease and desist letter on our door to shut down complete operations," Goff said.

Goff told News4Jax the business hopes to resolve the issue.

"Hopefully, we'll be able to open our doors soon," he said.