Man accused of exposing himself outside middle school, multiple stores

Gregory Osgood suspected in at least 6 cases of indecent exposure, investigators say

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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – A man accused of exposing himself outside a Nassau County middle school and multiple stores was released from jail on bond after he was arrested early Wednesday morning.

Authorities told News4Jax that Gregory Allen Osgood, 30, is suspected in multiple cases of indecent exposure and lewd acts. According to investigators, Osgood admitted to exposing himself in public for more than a year and said he needed help.

Investigators said Osgood is a suspect in at least six cases of indecent exposure in which female victims reported he exposed himself while performing a sex act. According to a police report, three of the victims may have been girls under the age of 13.

“All of these stories that have come out about girls under 13 maybe seeing him at a middle school. It scares me," said the mother of Osgood’s children, who asked to be referred to by the name Michelle.

Michelle and Osgood are parents of an 18-month old and 7 month old.

“I thought that we would be a family, and I have to protect my babies," Michelle said. "Now seeing stuff about a middle school, like, I don’t think that he would intentionally hurt them, but if he can’t control himself out in public, I don’t know, maybe he cold not control himself when he sees her or him.”

Michelle said Osgood was arrested for hitting her earlier this month.

Nassau County detectives said it appears Osgood used the same mode of operation every time he was accused or suspected of exposing himself in public while performing a sex act.

The latest incident was reported about two weeks ago at a Fernandina Beach gas station. According to an arrest report, the victim told police that a man, later identified as Osgood, stood beside his car and performed a sex act in front of her.

Osgood is a suspect in a pending case from February when a woman reported seeing a man exposing himself and performing a sex act outside a store in Yulee.

In June 2018, Osgood was sentenced to one year of probation after he was convicted of indecent exposure outside a Yulee Walmart. The victim told police he stared at her while performing a sex act.

Detectives also said Osgood is a suspect in a similar incident that happened in March 2018 outside Fernandina Beach Middle School, just days prior to the Walmart incident.

Three girls told police that a man sat in his parked car across the street from the school and exposed himself.

“It was very disturbing," the mother of one of the girls told News4Jax. "I was very proud of my daughter for the details she was able to obtain and I’m hopeful that it will put a stop to this happening to anyone’s child or a woman.”

The woman said the incident sparked a serious conversation with the parents of other girls.

“We got together as a group of mothers and talked to our daughters about the situation," she said. "They definitely had to get an education before they were ready for it.”

The woman added that she is worried about other possible incidents involving children that may have never been reported to law enforcement.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Osgood was sentenced to three years in prison in 2008 after he was convicted of two counts of burglary and grand theft. He was released in 2011.

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