Perfect Rack Billiards 1 of 4 Murray Hill businesses told to cease & desist due to fence issue

Fire marshal says businesses are missing secondary exits

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Stemming from an issue with a fence, four businesses in Jacksonville’s Murray Hill neighborhood have been issued cease and desist orders from the fire marshal, and now they’re in a bind.

News4Jax first told you about the issue with the fence when Perfect Rack Billiards said it was forced to close its kitchen as a result. The billiards hall said the fence was put up by Sleiman Enterprises at the end of the property line, and that it’s unable to have its waste collected from its dumpster.

Now, Perfect Rack, Buchner’s Bierhalle, Blackhat Vapor Company and the Beautifully Divine DIY Workshop have been ordered by the fire marshal to stop serving customers. A notice says the businesses do not have secondary exits.

Update: Fire Marshall has came in and shut down the business due to the lack of a 2nd fire exit. We will be closed until further notice unfortunately.

Posted by Perfect Rack Billiards on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

“We’ve always had our second fire exit through the back door and that no longer is a second fire exit because there’s an enclosed fence with no gate,” said Cory Goff, the son of Perfect Rack’s owner. “If we had a gate and everyone had access to it, everything would be solved.”

Sleiman Enterprises said it’s working to assist the owners of Perfect Rack and come to a resolution. It issued a statement reading in part:

Goff said he and his family are trying to stay optimistic. He hopes there will soon be a solution.

“Everyone has families, and everyone relies on their job to keep paying the bills, especially around the holiday time,” Goff said. “It’s really unfortunate that has come to this and people are out of jobs and businesses are shutting down.”

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