Car, home filled with bullet holes after Southside shootout

Grandmother said masked men fired shots into her home Tuesday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The bullet holes are everywhere. In the car parked in the driveway, in the windows and the doors.

Remarkably, no one was hit by the bullets inside the home on North Grampian Drive, just off of Southside Blvd.

The bullets were fired Tuesday morning by at least two masked men, according to the homeowner, a grandmother who was so frightened that she asked to remain anonymous.

The grandmother told News4Jax she was sitting in her living room when masked men inside a silver-colored car drove up and started firing into her home and her car in the driveway. A neighbor heard the shots.

“I heard five or six gunshots while I was in the kitchen. When I came and looked out, one of the guys was very angry and he had a gun in his hand," the neighbor said.

That angry man was the grandson of the homeowner whose house was targeted by gunmen. The grandson also wouldn’t go on camera, but he said he shot back to prevent them from firing more rounds at the house.

What led up to the gun violence remains unclear, but the homeowner told News4Jax it’s the second time in two months that her home was targeted by shooters.

Bullet holes left following a shootout on the Southside.
Bullet holes left following a shootout on the Southside.

Hours after crime scene investigators cleared the scene, an officer returned to the house to speak to the owner. JSO was not able to comment on the reported shooting and News4Jax was not able to verify the details explained by the homeowner and grandson.

A neighbor said her biggest fear is a stray bullet injuring or killing someone.

“We hear too many stories of bullets that keep going and kill children in the street,” the neighbor said.

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