Car thieves seen targeting cars in Northside neighborhood

Residents say it’s not the first time

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A group of thieves has been caught on camera targeting cars in the middle of the night in a Northside neighborhood.

Concerned residents in the Yellow Bluff Landing community say it’s not the first time they’ve been targeted.

"They were going everyone and they actually did it twice within a half an hour," Frank Knowles, a Yellow Bluff Landing neighbor, said.

Knowles has been living in this neighborhood for nearly two years. He said his cars were all locked but that didn’t stop the thieves from trying about a dozen other cars around 4 am. on Friday morning.

Knowles, as well as other neighbors who caught the two men on camera, said he thieves broke into at least two cars but there was nothing to take.

Last year there was a series of smash and grabs in the area. Knowles said the break-ins happened for about two weeks.

“People are either going to have money in their vehicles maybe credit cards presence they purchase that they don’t want to bring inside yet it’s just a bad time and these people just want to go and make easy money,” Knowles said.

News4Jax has requested more information from JSO. We are waiting to learn more.

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