JaxBest round 7 winners: These spots make Jacksonville shine


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Showcasing the best that Jacksonville has to offer, JaxBest is a voter-centric guide to all of the local things that make our city unique.

Here’s a look at the winners from our latest round of categories! Click here to see the full winners list.

Best local place for breakfast: Grumpy’s Restaurant

Adding to its already impressive list of awards, the "home of the bad mood dude” is your favorite local spot for breakfast!

Best local yoga studio: Rebel Studio

Rebel Studio, your favorite local yoga studio, strives to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, creating a space where people, regardless of skill level, can feel relaxed, inspired and empowered.

Best local gym or place for Crossfit: BrandonFitness

His dream began with just a handful of clients meeting in local parks, and it has only expanded in the years after. Brandon Warren, founder of BrandonFitness, is your pick for best local gym or place for Crossfit!

Best local wine bar: Carrera Wine Cellar

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or someone who enjoys the occasional glass, you’ll want to plan a visit at Carrera Wine Cellar in St. Augustine, the JaxBest choice for best local wine bar!

Best local pizza restaurant: Tony D’s Pizza & Restaurant

Serving up New York style pizza and other delectable Italian pasta dishes, Tony D’s is your choice for the best local pizza!

Best local meal prep company: Lean Impact Nutrition

Creating restaurant quality meals without restaurant prices, Lean Impact Nutrition is the JaxBest choice for best local meal prep company!

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