Mother asks for help after son mauled by dog

Cameron Jones underwent surgery to close a large gash in his face after the attack.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of 9-year-old boy who was mauled by a dog last Wednesday is now asking for the public’s help because hospital bills are mounting, and her son will likely need more surgeries and therapy.

Cameron Jones underwent surgery to close a large gash in his face after the attack.

Cameron was at a friend’s house when another child opened the door to a room where a family dog was been kept in isolation. The family said the dog ran at Cameron and started biting his face.

An adult family friend was also injured as she tried to shield Cameron from the dog.

Just five days after Cameron was nearly killed, he continues to suffer both physically and mentally and his mother was forced to start a Go Fund Me account because medical bills are adding up with more on the way.

The more than 100 stitches on and inside 9-year old Cameron Jones’s face following a vicious attack are undoubtedly too much for Cameron to deal with. But since that attack, he says he’s been having the same nightmares repeatedly.

“It’s like the dog attacking me but now it’s like more," Cameron Jones said.

While many children his age were enjoying a Thanksgiving meal last Thursday, Cameron was not able to chew. And days after the attack, he is still on a mostly liquid diet.

It’s now taking an emotional toll on Cameron’s mom who says she can’t stand to see her child suffer this way.

“I’m breaking because I can’t take it away from him. It’s very hard," Amber Jones said.

And things are getting much harder financially because Cameron’s mom is not sure if the owner of the dog has insurance and medical bills are adding up.

“Insurance pays for some of it, but there is a lot it doesn’t pay for. And for his future cosmetics, that’s a want and not a necessity so that’s not covered," Amber Jones said.

Amber said her son will now also need a therapist to deal with the mental trauma of being attacked. That’s why she started the fundraising campaign to get help.

“Anything that anyone can help with would be tremendous to me,” she said.

As for the dog that injured Cameron, it’s unclear if the animal was put down by animal control.

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